Gifts of Property

Consider donating personal property or “gift in kind”

Gifts such as real estate, photographs, equipment, and books can enhance Heritage Services such as the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame and Museum or fund specific golf programming. Depending on your wishes and the specific type and nature of the item(s) donated, Golf Canada Foundation may retain the gift or sell it and use the proceeds to support our mission. 

Benefits of a gift of property:

  • A charitable tax receipt will be issued for the fair market value on the date the gift is transferred.
  • If the item you are gifting has increased in value since you purchased it, you may be subject to a taxable capital gain; however, the tax receipt you receive for your gift should more than offset any tax payable. You may even have additional tax credits to apply against other income.

What happens with a gift of property:

When the donation is made, Golf Canada Foundation will either add the donated item(s) to its collection in the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame and Museum, use them for other Heritage Services initiatives, or liquidate the asset, depending on a mutually agreed-upon course of action.

Making your gift

Any gift of property made now or through your will should be done in consultation with your family, life insurance agent, and any other pertinent advisors.

Please contact Joelle Efford, Senior Director of Development for more information and to discuss how you would like the proceeds from your gift to be used.

It is also important for Golf Canada Foundation to know if you wish to be recognized for your contribution or prefer to remain anonymous. Please feel confident that any request for anonymity will be strictly honoured.

Helpful Resources

Statement of Intent (PDF) – We would love to know if you have already included Golf Canada Foundation in your estate plans.

Sample bequest language for your Will.
It’s quick, easy and only one sentence: “To pay to the Golf Canada Foundation ___% of the residue of my estate [or the sum of $____________.] This gift is to be used for such purposes and designs as deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors of the Golf Canada Foundation.


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