Gifts of Cash, Credit Card or Cheque

A powerful and simple gift

Gift of cash, whether by cheque, credit card, or currency are popular ways to support Golf Canada Foundation that enable us to meet our most urgent needs and carry out our mission on a daily basis. By making an immediate outright gift of cash you will have the opportunity to see your generosity in action and will also receive an official charitable donation tax receipt.

A cheque is treated as delivered on the day it was mailed. (For example, a gift sent by mail, if postmarked in December, qualifies as a charitable donation in that tax year, even if it is not received until January.) Gifts of  credit card and cash are considered made on the date the transaction took place.

There are several other ways to make cash donations as part of the gift types below. To learn more, click on the links below.

Ways to Use Cash

  • A gift in your Will.
  • A charitable remainder trust.
  • A donor-advised fund.
  • An endowed gift. 

Making your gift

Any gift of cash made now or through your Will should be done in consultation with your family and pertinent advisors.

It is also important for the Golf Canada Foundation to know if you wish to be recognized for your contribution or prefer to remain anonymous. Please feel confident that any request for anonymity will be strictly honoured.

Helpful Resources

Please print and fill out a Giving to Golf Canada Foundation Form (PDF). The completed form assists with the efficient processing of your gift.

Cash: Complete the donation form and drop off a one-time cash gift in-person at our office listed below.

Cheque: Complete the donation form and mail your cheque to the office listed below

Credit Card: Please call our office at the number below to provide your credit card number.

Please DO NOT mail cash.



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